Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your Right to Choose..Who You Donate To......

I try (mostly) to keep my political views to myself.  Mostly because I think at the end of the day all it does it cause trouble.

But I've just got to say...I'm extremely disappointed in the Susan G. Komen Foundation for cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.  I'm even more disappointed in the fact that it's 2012 and the concept of a woman deciding what she does or doesn't do to her body is still up for debate.


If Ms. Handel really did cut funding to the POOR for potentially lifesaving testing, namely mammograms, then she (especially as a woman) should be ashamed of herself.  And if possible, she should revolt herself as much as she revolts me.   

 It's one thing to draw a pro-life/pro-choice line in spirituality.  But it's another thing to deprive innocent people of resources that may not otherwise be available to them.  When you're "mission" is to help save lives and help defeat cancer.....and then you cut the funding for the poor - then what's your true mission, Susan G. Komen Foundation?  Is it to only help the people that share your political views?  Or only to help the people that are able to fund your activities?

Well.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I'll donate my money elsewhere.  Like..the American Cancer Society or the Avon Foundation for Women.

In other news?  Kudos to Mayor Bloomberg.  Some days..he reminds me of why I voted for him.  NYC Mayor Bloomberg Steps Up.

Even WITH health insurance, mammograms are expensive (which is just insane).  Imagine if you didn't HAVE insurance?  Imagine if the one resource you did have for a free mammogram was taken away because the same establishment also conducted SAFE abortions.  Just so you know, Unsafe Abortions are on the Rise GLOBALLY.

I'm not saying you have to support Planned Parenthood.  I am, however, saying that you should stop for a moment and think about the opportunities people with money have......and the opportunities people withOUT money DON'T have.  And then consider the role YOU want to play in that tricky little scale of life.  I'm not looking to limit options and turn this into a world where someone has to choose between paying for a mammogram or feeding their kids.  Because I know what their choice will be...and I know (firsthand) what the potentially devastating risk could lead to.

Well.  Sorry if I've upset any of my pro-life friends.  But really..if you're my friend, you understand my take on abortion.  I'm not pro-abortion, kids.  We all know I'm eagerly waiting to be a mother one day.  But I am pro-CHOICE.  Regardless of what *I* am capable of doing, the choice should be made available to all women - regardless of age, race, religion, political affiliation and FINANCIAL STATUS. 

And as a parting thought...though Komen says they pulled funding because PP was under investigation for using funds for abortions and their corporate policy was to not support any entity under investigation...they continued (and continue) to support Penn State even through the sex abuse investigation....Read More Here..

 Just some food for thought.

And now that I've sufficiently worked myself up......I think I'm going to sign off.


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