Thursday, April 5, 2012

True Love and the Modern Fairy Tale

So I've been sick-ish.  And my nights are mostly spent laying on the couch watching Once Upon a Time on Hulu.

And if you haven't watched this show, then you're totally missing out.

See, I grew up on fairy tales.  I grew up on happily ever afters.

But the reality is...that those don't truly exist.  There really are no happy endings.  True love is hard.  Finding your way to someone...over hurdles is hard.  And trying.  And some all feels hopeless. 

And watching this show....kind of makes me feel better.

You see, Snow White and Prince Charming have their horrible ups and downs before they find their way to each other.  And all seems lost - hopeless even.  There is another woman involved!  Deception.  Thievery (is that a word??).  All kinds of stuff.

And yet, you just can't help but know deep down that they will, eventually, find their way to each other.  Despite the evil interceptions, despite the pain and the know in your heart that they will find a way.

Maybe that's the thing about me.  As much as I curse fairy tales for filling my head with unrealistic expectations...I want to believe in them so much.  I want to believe that everyone gets their happy ending.  I want to believe that *I* will get my happy ending.  And some of these hurdles in my life......well, it's just my path to my happy ending.  Because (and I've said this before) without the bad, how would we ever truly appreciate the good things?  How would we know what true love's kiss would feel like...if we'd never had a horrible kiss once or twice in our life?

I'm not completely caught up (so don't tell me anything!), but if you're like me...and like the dose of reality in this modern fairy tale series - I think you'll love it.  I know I do.  :)


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Yordie Sands said...

Hi Blissie, I love fairy tales and happy endings but like you I need that dose of realistic expectation. hugs girlfriend