Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Just A Little Crush..

So I had a conversation with someone this morning. And I revealed my not-so-little crush on one Mr. David Wright (baseball player for you non-earthlings). Come on. He's SO delicious! Dimples..and that smile..okay and the hot body SO helps. Heck yeah I'd quit my job and run off with his sexy ass in a heartbeat!

And then it got me thinking (as Moo says..'I see smoke now..').

I guess..everyone crushes on someone. Whether it's a famous person..or the guy behind the meat counter at the deli. It happens to everyone.

And then I think about RL vs. SL. That maybe, it's easier to develop a crush on SL because you're bypassing the things that hold you back in RL (i.e. - looks, body odor, social status, etc.). You can, if you're lucky, get to the core of someone. You can see their humor, their heart..I guess, in essence, you can kinda see them without as many walls up as they'd have up in RL.

And then I stop myself from digging too deep into this, because I'm not so sure I can dig me out if I need to. Then you need to ask yourself what attracts you to some people and not others.

And before you get all wiseassy (yeah, you) and ask - yeah, I've had my SL crush. Not HAD (get your mind out of the gutter, perv). I'm past it. I know where things stand and what I want in SL. And I wouldn't change things the way they are - not for all the lindens in the Sworld. I've got the best guy as my best friend - and I don't think anyone would put up with me if they knew what I was really like behind closed doors like he does (he really should get his halo polished..).

But I think it's interesting who crushes on who (and no, no names will be revealed - so don't ask). I think it's interesting to see what kind of personality lures you in. And how it can surprise you when you figure it out.

Crushes are harmless, I guess. In the end. Once you get past figuring out you have one. That's the hardest part. Admitting it to you. Admitting you'll always feel like a kid in junior high when it comes to some things. But if you can admit that to YOURSELF..well..everyone else becomes a breeze. Why yes, I do also have a crush on Ed Harris. So what! He's cute! Ha! See?!

And maybe I've already kinda dug a hole for myself with this post. But heck. I needed to say it. So I said it.

What's the point of thinking something and not saying it? Then it's a wasted thought. And well..some thoughts - while troublesome - shouldn't be kept quiet. Because you never know who's thinking the same thing and not saying it because they think they're the only one thinking it.

And just as a quick aside..

If anyone wants to buy anything from Brad, do it now. I swear, I'm going to buy his whole store out and then kidnap him and keep him for myself. I'm in LOVE with everything. I want it all. I went in to look at some new lounge chairs..and I left planning out where the bar would look best. LOL!

And I found the picture I took right before Moo and I died last week. I'll post that eventually. Stupid SL should let me load my pics directly here.

Uhm..and we're taking sim suggestions for date night. Exploring is always fun to me.

And last, but totally not least, let me leave you with the following, which will lead you into my next post (which is typed, but needs to be cleaned up..and made sense you get this post of me rambling instead for now..):

I love sex. I love everything about it: the sensations, the smells. I especially love the feel of a man. All that muscle and sinew pressed against my body. And then when you add friction. MMMmmmm. The tactile sensation of running my tongue over a man's nipple ever so gently. And then there's the act itself; two bodies becoming one in that final eruption of pleasure. To be honest, the only thing I don't like about sex is the scrotum. I mean obviously it has its practical applications, but I'm just not a fan.

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Words of Wisdom..

You know..some words of wisdom for you to digest today. :)

Virginity like bubble, one prick, all gone.
Man who run in front of car get tired.
Man who run behind car get exhausted.
Man with hand in pocket feel cocky all day.
Foolish man give wife grand piano, wise man give wife upright organ.
Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok ..
Man with one chopstick go hungry.
Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails.
Man who eat many prunes get good run for money.
Baseball is wrong: man with four balls cannot walk.
Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth.
War does not determine who is right, war determine who is left.
Wife who put husband in doghouse soon find him in cat house.
Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.
It take many nails to build crib, but one screw to fill it.
Man who drive like hell, bound to get there.
Man who stand on toilet is high on pot.
Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.
Man who fish in other man's well often catch crabs.
Man who fart in church sit in own pew.
Crowded elevator smell different to midget.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Damn Crighton and His Quiz..

You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

In love, you truly see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow.You enjoy relationships as long as they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.
At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher. How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh My God, That Blissie's Shameless..

Let me start my blog with this picture. I like it a lot. Not just because it's a good angle..and because we're all so sexy..LOL. It's a "feel good" picture.

Moving on! Date night! It was fun (as always).
We went pose ball shopping! Got some new stuff for our hot tub and yard (yes..we're dressed and the poses are clean..kinda..). :)

Then..we went on a treasure hunt. So, I dressed the part. Of course..I was the worst treasure hunter ever. I got lost (several times)..and then crashed (several more times). Eventually I gave up and went back to the house and sat on the swing. Oh well. I looked good doing it!

Anyway, I gave out the invites for the Sporks Awareness Party. I think I got everyone, but if you didn't get it, drop me an IM and I'll send it to you. :) Bev did an AMAZING job with it (when doesn't she do an amazing job?!).

I do hope to see you all there. :) We have three great DJs..a group of EXCELLENT designers/builders and, of course, the best spankers in town.

If you have any ideas for the party..or want your goods included in the party, let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

And kids.

Everyone's invited - always have been and always will be to my parties. :) I don't want to hear any crap about it.

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Private Show..

So, here's the story about me (just incase you haven't figured me out yet). I'm a work in progress.

I'm kinda nice-ish. But not really. I am what I am - the good, the bad and all the jelly filling in between (want to know more, get closer, maybe I'll let you in). I keep everyone at arms length. Not just in SL..but in RL (we'll just go ahead and save the "my issues in life" post for another time - heck, that might just be a book or something when I'm retired and just full of free time).

Funny thing about me. I know right off the bat if I'll like you or not. It seems unfair, doesn't it? I do decide based on first impressions (not just your actions towards me, but general). I'm not saying my first impressions are right all the time. But 90% of the time I'm on the money.

Unfortunately, some people I throw in with others simply based on association. Yes, yes. Guilty by association is wrong - I know. But my father always said to me: Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. Not 100% true - I have all kinds of friends - but I think it does speak volumes as to the adaptability and tolerance of your personality and character.

But you know, I've adopted the motto that it's not always that easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Sinners can surprise you. And the same is true for saints. Why do we try to define people as simply good or simply evil? Probably because no one wants to admit that compassion and cruelty can live side by side in one heart. And that anyone is capable of anything. (Those housewives are so insightful..).

And I'm learning. Slowly. But learning, nonetheless.

/me kicks her little soap box aside and hops down.

Aaaaanyway. That's my thought of the day. Just..sharing. Moving on.

What the heck!? What happened to Heath Ledger? That's so sad! I feel terrible for his child. To lose your father at that young of an age (celebrity or not) is horrible. I can't imagine my life without my dad. He has been, and always will be, the most important person to me. I grew up with two parents - one always working and the other with the kids. My dad did most of my raising (not that my mom wasn't present - she was, just later at night when it was closer to bedtime). I am 85% a product of his actions (the other 15% being a mix of my mom and my siblings). I'm tough, but caring. I'm loyal, but honest (yes, I love you, but that dress DOES make your ass look fat). I don't think I'll ever meet or become someone as great as my dad - damn him for setting the bar so high. It's something I think about, strove for, and have admitted failure to. He turns the other cheek when I cannot. He can trust freely, not waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to other people. Not to say my mom isn't great. She is. Like me, she's just a little more cautious with her trust. I think I get my dedication and love for my work from her, though. My never-ending hunger to be the best at whatever I've set my mind to. That part is definitely her.

But then..there's something more to me. Beyond them, there's still me. Standing at the edge of the 20-something abyss staring down at middle age unsure of what's next. The funny part? My cliff's crumbling and my only option is to jump before I fall - all without knowing what's next for me. Oh well..would I be me if I didn’t take a running leap into the unknown, curious about what was to come? (You know about curiosity and that cat..)

What the heck was my original point?!

Bought a new set for my Zen garden at the house. The mat, the meditation pillows, the candles, the Buddha sculpture. Hooooo! I hunted everywhere for it and FINALLY found it.

Thanks for reading today. There's ten minutes of your life you'll never get back. :)

Until next time,


P.S. - Happy Birthday Big Brother! :) Welcome back, too.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Decadent Desire - Skin Silkening Body Lotion

Whole bunch of crap running through my head today. Ever have those moments when you have a heck of a lot to say, but no words for it? This is one of those times, I think.

Let's see..

OH! Bought an awesome new yoga mat and meditation pillow for my morning coffee (/me rolls around in her chair and squints across the street at the yoga studio she has 10 sessions leftover for from OCTOBER). Real me wouldn't sit naked on the roof of her house that was slanted with a scalding hot cup of coffee anyway. I guess I'll just live out my entertaining yoga behavior in-world - safer for everyone. Maybe I'll redecorate our snow filled yard to a giant meditation/yoga spot. For now, anyway. I'll need more mats, I think (but the one I bought today came with a yoga mat BAG, which was just too cool..LOL).

Yesterday was a productive and fun day in SL (for the time I was on and not afk..).

Thanks to BigD and Kim, I'm all geared up for tennis. From the clothes to the headband to the COURT (although he did TP us into a box - or was it a padded cell?). I'm ready, though (now if only my racquet would move..). Keeps with my healthy avi body theme this weekend, I suppose (my mind's not healthy, I accept that and I've moved on..LOL). I did join the SL triathlon club. I'll need to buy a new run - my noob run won't cut it.

Thanks to Moo, I've learned what dying in SL is like. FYI - while I'm a bad driver in SL, turns out he's a little worse. We hit a wall (several, actually), careened OFF of the highway, over a guardrail, down a cliff and into the vast SL ocean - where we promptly drowned and died. S'okay. I re-logged and hallelujah, we were alive and back home (in my old outfit no less - what's worse, yesterday's outfit or drowning? Let me ponder that..). I ate a cupcake and shook off the dead feeling quickly.

Then, we topped the day off with a pillow fight. I mean, hysterical laughing in RL pillow fighting. Every time I got back to Sporks, Moo orbited me with his watermelon gun (cheater!). Every time Spanker stopped to type, I orbited his butt (come on, it's the only time I can catch him!). Even caught him in mid-boing and sent him flying. And poor Busy, just learning to pillow fight, just kept jumping. And Kim, well, she showed up with the WRONG pillow (though she did enjoy the music from wherever she landed when I orbited her too)! I need to try the SL boxing again. That was fun. The gloves act just like the pillow, only it's like carrying two pillows plus you can flip over people and stuff.

The night ended with dessert at the cabin. :)

And that, ladies and gents, is my idea of a pretty darn close to perfect SL day. :) Friends, food and pillow fighting.

Until next time,


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Okay, okay. Push all of that doom and gloom aside.

So, there's this DJ guy that I like a lot. :) I like him so much, I live with him. I wear COW print too (come on, that says a lot!).

So, we've declared Friday nights "date" night. We wander sims, explore new lands, clubs and stores. We shop, buy crap we don't need and ballroom dance. You know - SL date night. LOL

So..we found this really beautiful sim with restaurant tables and dancing and the most beautiful waterfall. And it was fun. :) Just..relaxing fun. So I just wanted to share..what date night looks like and why I blow everyone off for it. Now come on..wouldn't you too?

Now..he lets me overrun his home, his club and his SLife. And then. To top it off, I drag his butt out of the house to work out too. :) But in his usual fashion, he comes with and keeps my company without any bitching.

But I can honestly say that I got really lucky stumbling on Mr. Moo. :) He's a man of very very few words, but the advice he's given me has always been sound. He listens to me without judging me - regardless of the hour I keep him up until (and believe me, I keep late hours..LOL) and he shops with me for whatever my crazy mood dictates.

I can only hope everyone in SL can find a best friend like I did. :) That makes the ride that much more enjoyable.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Poland Spring - Natural Spring Water from Maine Since 1845

So let me tell you a story.

This is the story of Catherine Susan Genovese, commonly known as Kitty Genovese. At approximately 3:20 on the morning of March 13, 1964, twenty-eight-year-old Kitty Genovese was returning to her home in a nice middle-class area of Queens, NY, from her job as a bar manager. She parked her red Fiat in a nearby parking lot, turned-off the lights and started the walk to her second floor apartment some 35 yards away. She got as far as a streetlight when a man grabbed her. She screamed. Lights went on in the 10-floor apartment building nearby. She yelled, “Oh, my God, he stabbed me! Please help me!” Windows opened in the apartment building and a man’s voice shouted, “Let that girl alone.” The attacker looked up, shrugged and walked-off down the street. Ms Genovese struggled to get to her feet. Lights went back off in the apartments. The attacker came back and stabbed her again. She again cried out, “I’m dying! I’m dying!” And again the lights came on and windows opened in many of the nearby apartments. The assailant again left and got into his car and drove away. Ms Genovese staggered to her feet as a city bus drove by. It was now 3:35 a.m. The attacker returned once again. He found her in a doorway at the foot of the stairs and he stabbed her a third time--this time with a fatal consequence. It was 3:50 when the police received the first call. They responded quickly and within two minutes were at the scene. Ms Genovese was already dead. The only person to call, a neighbor of Ms Genovese, revealed that he had phoned only after much thought and an earlier phone call to a friend. He said, “I didn’t want to get involved.”

Now I ask you to ponder this scenario and apply it to what you see on an everyday basis. Not murders. Not brutal killings. Just..actions. Everyday actions that we choose to look the other way on because it’s easier for us to say nothing and keep ourselves clean and uninvolved.

And ask much as innocent bystanders try not to get involved, how innocent are they when the carnage is over and nothing but destruction remains? Are they too not as guilty as the chaos bringers? Do they not share the blame for their own inaction? COULD they have stopped the events that took place? Or would their actions have made no difference?

Deep thoughts, Jack. Deep thoughts.

And just so you don’t think I’m all doom and’s a quote from last night that made me laugh so hard..

“Wait..I wasn’t clicking it. I thought you were.”
“Well..I wasn’t clicking it..I thought it was you.”


Until next time,


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Second Life is Just That, Yet More..

Let me preface this by saying this: Second Life is a game. It is not a pixilated reality. It's fun (or supposed to be most days). It's entertainment. It's the moments when you figure out that you can box with your friend and knock them clean out of a skybox. It's the moments when a pillow fight sends you flying across a sim and lands your laughing butt in water so far away that you have to teleport back. It's the moments when you can ride in a hot air balloon over a beautifully designed sim and appreciate someone else's hard work and keen eye for detail. Those are the moments that make Second Life so much fun to me (oh hell, and the sales too!).

The thing I like best about Second Life is that it lacks the stress and responsibility that first life has. No work, no "must" situations. I like the friends I've made. The different personalities and quirks everyone brings to the table. Much like my RL friends, there's a friend for everything (shopping, dancing, wandering, joking, drinking coffee and learning). Some friends have surprised me and become more like RL friends that I don't think I can pass a day without, while others have shocked me and become the ever popular covert frenemy (I've met my fair share in RL..don't like them, need them or want them - and don't think for a single moment that just because I haven't called you out about it that it means I don't KNOW what you are).

But at the end of the day, I'm excited for what each new day brings for me - both in RL and SL. I'm excited to try new flavors of cupcakes. Excited when I make it through a set of squats on a bosu ball without passing out. I'm excited when I buy a blender for the cabin and excited when I get the perfect SL picture for my profile. It's the little things that excite me in life and keep me happy.

So now, I'm inviting you to hang around in my Second Life and enjoy the little things too. But if you can't - if you absolutely cannot have fun and only want to be the center of attention/drama and misery - regardless of what you do to others..then don't. Don't accept my invitation. Find another party to crash (and burn).

Until next time.