Monday, January 21, 2008

Decadent Desire - Skin Silkening Body Lotion

Whole bunch of crap running through my head today. Ever have those moments when you have a heck of a lot to say, but no words for it? This is one of those times, I think.

Let's see..

OH! Bought an awesome new yoga mat and meditation pillow for my morning coffee (/me rolls around in her chair and squints across the street at the yoga studio she has 10 sessions leftover for from OCTOBER). Real me wouldn't sit naked on the roof of her house that was slanted with a scalding hot cup of coffee anyway. I guess I'll just live out my entertaining yoga behavior in-world - safer for everyone. Maybe I'll redecorate our snow filled yard to a giant meditation/yoga spot. For now, anyway. I'll need more mats, I think (but the one I bought today came with a yoga mat BAG, which was just too cool..LOL).

Yesterday was a productive and fun day in SL (for the time I was on and not afk..).

Thanks to BigD and Kim, I'm all geared up for tennis. From the clothes to the headband to the COURT (although he did TP us into a box - or was it a padded cell?). I'm ready, though (now if only my racquet would move..). Keeps with my healthy avi body theme this weekend, I suppose (my mind's not healthy, I accept that and I've moved on..LOL). I did join the SL triathlon club. I'll need to buy a new run - my noob run won't cut it.

Thanks to Moo, I've learned what dying in SL is like. FYI - while I'm a bad driver in SL, turns out he's a little worse. We hit a wall (several, actually), careened OFF of the highway, over a guardrail, down a cliff and into the vast SL ocean - where we promptly drowned and died. S'okay. I re-logged and hallelujah, we were alive and back home (in my old outfit no less - what's worse, yesterday's outfit or drowning? Let me ponder that..). I ate a cupcake and shook off the dead feeling quickly.

Then, we topped the day off with a pillow fight. I mean, hysterical laughing in RL pillow fighting. Every time I got back to Sporks, Moo orbited me with his watermelon gun (cheater!). Every time Spanker stopped to type, I orbited his butt (come on, it's the only time I can catch him!). Even caught him in mid-boing and sent him flying. And poor Busy, just learning to pillow fight, just kept jumping. And Kim, well, she showed up with the WRONG pillow (though she did enjoy the music from wherever she landed when I orbited her too)! I need to try the SL boxing again. That was fun. The gloves act just like the pillow, only it's like carrying two pillows plus you can flip over people and stuff.

The night ended with dessert at the cabin. :)

And that, ladies and gents, is my idea of a pretty darn close to perfect SL day. :) Friends, food and pillow fighting.

Until next time,



Blogger said...

Did you get hit with a Pillow Talk pillow and end up um.... you know....?

Sounds like you had a great SL day!

We went for a Sunday drive as well! No wrecks, thankfully. Had gumbo and seafood on a cold, sunny day. Then went shopping using part of a gift card.

Oh wait, that was RL - LOL - we decided to go ahead and start our family traditions now so we will already be in the habit when baby-girl can start building her childhood memories. :)

I did have some time for SL as well, athough I've come to dislike SL on Sundays... Mainly spent the time in IM's, but more importantly got Sapphire connected with Clover so she'll be tapped in to the SL fashion industry once she's ready to market her creations. My good deed for the year. ;)

Bliss said...

I finally friended Clover after running into her in SEVERAL stores in a short period of time. LOL

Blogger said...

Clover mentioned that yesterday when Sapphire asked her if she knew you! She gave Sapphire a lot fo great tips and friended her as well. :)

bigd Flanagan said...

Was it a padded room? Now that you mention it... The Aussies do tennis very well. I have no doubt you could have kicked that little cardboard cut-outs ass from the Austrailian Open to the US Open.

Always enjoyable being with you Bliss. No matter the venue;)....

Bliss said...

Same here, big guy. :)