Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Just A Little Crush..

So I had a conversation with someone this morning. And I revealed my not-so-little crush on one Mr. David Wright (baseball player for you non-earthlings). Come on. He's SO delicious! Dimples..and that smile..okay and the hot body SO helps. Heck yeah I'd quit my job and run off with his sexy ass in a heartbeat!

And then it got me thinking (as Moo says..'I see smoke now..').

I guess..everyone crushes on someone. Whether it's a famous person..or the guy behind the meat counter at the deli. It happens to everyone.

And then I think about RL vs. SL. That maybe, it's easier to develop a crush on SL because you're bypassing the things that hold you back in RL (i.e. - looks, body odor, social status, etc.). You can, if you're lucky, get to the core of someone. You can see their humor, their heart..I guess, in essence, you can kinda see them without as many walls up as they'd have up in RL.

And then I stop myself from digging too deep into this, because I'm not so sure I can dig me out if I need to. Then you need to ask yourself what attracts you to some people and not others.

And before you get all wiseassy (yeah, you) and ask - yeah, I've had my SL crush. Not HAD (get your mind out of the gutter, perv). I'm past it. I know where things stand and what I want in SL. And I wouldn't change things the way they are - not for all the lindens in the Sworld. I've got the best guy as my best friend - and I don't think anyone would put up with me if they knew what I was really like behind closed doors like he does (he really should get his halo polished..).

But I think it's interesting who crushes on who (and no, no names will be revealed - so don't ask). I think it's interesting to see what kind of personality lures you in. And how it can surprise you when you figure it out.

Crushes are harmless, I guess. In the end. Once you get past figuring out you have one. That's the hardest part. Admitting it to you. Admitting you'll always feel like a kid in junior high when it comes to some things. But if you can admit that to YOURSELF..well..everyone else becomes a breeze. Why yes, I do also have a crush on Ed Harris. So what! He's cute! Ha! See?!

And maybe I've already kinda dug a hole for myself with this post. But heck. I needed to say it. So I said it.

What's the point of thinking something and not saying it? Then it's a wasted thought. And well..some thoughts - while troublesome - shouldn't be kept quiet. Because you never know who's thinking the same thing and not saying it because they think they're the only one thinking it.

And just as a quick aside..

If anyone wants to buy anything from Brad, do it now. I swear, I'm going to buy his whole store out and then kidnap him and keep him for myself. I'm in LOVE with everything. I want it all. I went in to look at some new lounge chairs..and I left planning out where the bar would look best. LOL!

And I found the picture I took right before Moo and I died last week. I'll post that eventually. Stupid SL should let me load my pics directly here.

Uhm..and we're taking sim suggestions for date night. Exploring is always fun to me.

And last, but totally not least, let me leave you with the following, which will lead you into my next post (which is typed, but needs to be cleaned up..and made sense you get this post of me rambling instead for now..):

I love sex. I love everything about it: the sensations, the smells. I especially love the feel of a man. All that muscle and sinew pressed against my body. And then when you add friction. MMMmmmm. The tactile sensation of running my tongue over a man's nipple ever so gently. And then there's the act itself; two bodies becoming one in that final eruption of pleasure. To be honest, the only thing I don't like about sex is the scrotum. I mean obviously it has its practical applications, but I'm just not a fan.

Until next time,



Blogger said...

I have a crush! She's 10 months old now and OMG... She is SOOO cute! He smile melts my heart. Her laugh charms me. OK, OK... so she drools... but she smiles when she does! lol :)

bigd Flanagan said...

Cute sentiment but I love my kids. Crushes are for non family members I thought. Semantics I guess...

bigd Flanagan said...

Damn I forgot something. Scrotum sounds like some weird Afghan sport involving an ATV and a drum. Go figure. I work around this "term", I call mine Rick...

Blogger said...

ROFL! Yea, Semantics.. I suppose the birth annoucenment fit in the same category: "There a New Girl in My Life!!!".

Those that know me, know my humor. Most people I've met think I am funny. Or at least that's what they'd say as I got on the short bus! lol

/me hears CPS knocking on the door now... ;)

Crighton Johin said...

I got kicked in the nuts once. In that moment of excruciating pain, I was not a fan of the scrotum. I think more protection would make it more lovable from my point of view.


Blogger said...


Bliss said...

/me falls over laughing.

BigD's is Rick..

Crighton's needs a shield and sword..

Anyone else?


Blogger said...

Not until your blog about it!!

Bliss said...

It's not about the scrotum ! ROFL!!!

Blogger said...

/me awaits "Blissie's Scrotum Blog"