Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh My God, That Blissie's Shameless..

Let me start my blog with this picture. I like it a lot. Not just because it's a good angle..and because we're all so sexy..LOL. It's a "feel good" picture.

Moving on! Date night! It was fun (as always).
We went pose ball shopping! Got some new stuff for our hot tub and yard (yes..we're dressed and the poses are clean..kinda..). :)

Then..we went on a treasure hunt. So, I dressed the part. Of course..I was the worst treasure hunter ever. I got lost (several times)..and then crashed (several more times). Eventually I gave up and went back to the house and sat on the swing. Oh well. I looked good doing it!

Anyway, I gave out the invites for the Sporks Awareness Party. I think I got everyone, but if you didn't get it, drop me an IM and I'll send it to you. :) Bev did an AMAZING job with it (when doesn't she do an amazing job?!).

I do hope to see you all there. :) We have three great DJs..a group of EXCELLENT designers/builders and, of course, the best spankers in town.

If you have any ideas for the party..or want your goods included in the party, let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

And kids.

Everyone's invited - always have been and always will be to my parties. :) I don't want to hear any crap about it.

Until next time,



Blogger said...

Blissie Croft! Hoo!!!! (or is it Moo!!!?)

Nice pics - we should count and see who has more! Yea, including the um... "private" pics... yea... you know you have them! lol

My sweet Bev is an amazing person, isn't she? MINE, Blissie... MINE!!! ;)

Sundays are my new "RL family day", but I should be able to pop in at some point to say HI and drop some Lindens on your Charity!! HOO!!! Sounds like fun with the best DJ's!!

Kimala said...

Hey Bliss - you ALWAYS look good no matter WHAT you are doing :) I wouldn't expect anything less - along with the obligatory 3+ outfit changes as well. Heehee