Saturday, January 19, 2008


Okay, okay. Push all of that doom and gloom aside.

So, there's this DJ guy that I like a lot. :) I like him so much, I live with him. I wear COW print too (come on, that says a lot!).

So, we've declared Friday nights "date" night. We wander sims, explore new lands, clubs and stores. We shop, buy crap we don't need and ballroom dance. You know - SL date night. LOL

So..we found this really beautiful sim with restaurant tables and dancing and the most beautiful waterfall. And it was fun. :) Just..relaxing fun. So I just wanted to share..what date night looks like and why I blow everyone off for it. Now come on..wouldn't you too?

Now..he lets me overrun his home, his club and his SLife. And then. To top it off, I drag his butt out of the house to work out too. :) But in his usual fashion, he comes with and keeps my company without any bitching.

But I can honestly say that I got really lucky stumbling on Mr. Moo. :) He's a man of very very few words, but the advice he's given me has always been sound. He listens to me without judging me - regardless of the hour I keep him up until (and believe me, I keep late hours..LOL) and he shops with me for whatever my crazy mood dictates.

I can only hope everyone in SL can find a best friend like I did. :) That makes the ride that much more enjoyable.


Blogger said...

I also got lucky like you and found a very sweet person to share most of my SL time and experiences with. I am very grateful for her. :)

Joonie Jatho said...

Congrats Bliss! That is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing your good fortune. :)


Bliss said...

He keeps laughing at me when I tell him to blog.

I guess if you don't chat too much, why the heck would you want to blog?