Friday, September 12, 2008


A few things are swirling around in my head today..

One thing being the new issue of Vanity Fair this month featuring a special on Marilyn Monroe.

But the trail of events leading up to the photographing and "exhibition" of Ms. Monroe's most private and personal items is, to say the least, disgusting.

The betrayal of trust..the greed..the complete disregard for the dead..well it's just astounding.

Can you imagine..everything private about yourself that you protected..suddenly becoming public? Everything going to the highest bidder who then turns around and sells to someone else?!

I highly suggest buying this issue - the trail of events are fascination beyond the disgust.

The web article doesn't give as much detail..but it's a great teaser..

I've always loved MM as a style I found the collection and the article fascinating. Her life was actually very interesting - just as much as her death is intriguing.

So! If you can, grab it up and read it. :)


While I'm not terribly political minded, I must say the following:

Ladies. For everything the women before us fought for..please vote. Please do NOT underappreciate this right to vote that suffragette's and suffrigists battled for.

HBO released a movie some time ago, "Iron Jawed Angels" based on the fight for women to have the right to vote - rent it if you can. (

I don't care WHO you vote for. Just don't waste the right TO vote.

That's all for today.



Yordie Sands said...

Awwwwww... I've always loved Marilyn. My mom loved with her too. She was a lot of woman for a man to deal with, too. Poor darling, abused in life and abused even decades after her death. It makes me tear up. It really does.

bigd Flanagan said...

Lets see....the media's perverse desire for voyuerism, civic responsibilities that all Americans are morally obligated to take part in, if they don't they should zip it about any and all politics. People not voting just makes me go mental! I call that a good blog there Bliss. Damn good!!