Thursday, September 18, 2008

My 100th Post!

Well, it's not massive or meaningful. Just retrospective. :) Thank you all for sticking with me for 100 posts..more than a year together in SL..the ups, the downs, the funny little lulls..and everything else that came our way. My 100th post isn't really about me. It's about everyone that makes my SL days and nights so much fun. :) About the people I love and how they make logging in all worth while. Just to name a few special folks in alphabetical order who truly put up with my shit (sorry, these are the people I spend almost ALL of my time with..and have a super special place in my heart..please don't be offended if you're not on the list, if you're on my friends list, you mean a lot to me - that list is short and sweet, I promise..): Aeryn, Beverly, BigD, BORDAY, Busy, Crighton, Deylan, Ehric, Kim, Kemi and Parker.

It's all in honor of you guys. :)


Parker said...

Ms. Blissfulness, I am honored to tears to be included in such a wonderful grouping of fine individuals.

I needed the smiles and laughs invoked by the memories and the thoughts produced by some of the happy snappies you displayed.

Congratulations on 100!!!!

Someday, I will make it to mine.

Kimala said...

BLISSIE!!! How can I love you any more than I already do :) ? I scrolled through those memories and blasted the song and just kept smiling bigger and bigger.

I don't care whether you are imaginary or not :) I am SO GLAD you are a part of my life! Thank you for leading me into the blogging world and capturing all the fun and craziness that has made a whole new dimension of life possible.

100 :) just the tip of the iceberg baby!

Crighton Johin said...

*big hugs*

Blissie, you are fabulous. Some people waltz into our lives and bring joy and happiness, and we're better for it. You are one of those. Love ya bunches. :-)

Bliss said...


I love you guys. :)

I'm glad you put up with me.