Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Exhausting Day in (Brief) Review

A while ago I posted about a house versus a home.

And today..

I went home.

Moo and I sold the 1/2 sim island at Marinero and went back to our old stomping grounds at Bayou. We decided to start just go back to having fun.

And I loved the island. But it wasn't worth losing Moo - nothing really is.

We fought so much..I didn't even want to be at the island because it stopped feeling right.

So we've gone home to snuggle in our snowy breakfast on the porch in the snow and feed Fred in the morning.

And..revive Sporks. Well..try anyway.

Will we still fight? I'm sure every now and then. But I can't forsee anything as big as this last fight coming up in the near future.

And Marinero? :) well, if you pop'll recognize the new owner. She's a good friend of I know the land will get the love it needs.

SMOOCH! :) off to bed..feeling pretty darn happy and settled tonight.


1 comment:

Parker said...

(((((HUGS))))) Welcome Home. To both you and Borday. :D (((((HUGS)))))