Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Jumble of Thoughts

So, I'm sitting here using my new Dell mini to post this blog. I've named it Plum (though n0 part of it is purple) and I love it very much.

Anyway, so I've been thinking about life, love and the pursuit of happiness - SL and RL.

You, well, it's the same anywhere. You live it like every day is your last and never apologize for that. You say what you need to say and do what you have to do - and never regret it. Life's short. Don't waste any opportunities. Don't waste a chance to love or forgive.

Love? Well, love's a tough one. You can love someone and be willing to lay your life down for them. Or you can love someone and still be afraid to open up. Love's a tricksy bastard. I love my RL. I love the people in it..the people that make it what it is. I love my SL peeps too. Recently, I made a post about toasters..and appreciation and such. I think I should clarify something. The biggest part of my SL is Moo. Even when I made an alt recently. My alt curled up ith his alt. ROFL. In alt form..he's still my SL. And I won't lie. A few weeks ago, things were really really rough. And I've decribed our relationship as a rollercoaster ride sometimes. And before we moved from Marinero, I thought we were done for sure. I thought our fighting couldn't get any worse. I guess all relationships need a big blow out to survive. Even friendships. Maybe it's necessary to get all of the crap out and keep the pipes flowing properly. But it's part of our dynamic, I think. And I've grown to need it. And him too. :)

And the pursuit of happiness?


I'm still working on it. ROFL

:) Maybe it's just..doing the first part..and accepting the second..

And not looking at other toasters. Cause sometimes..your toaster is the perfect toaster for you.

Some random thoughts.


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