Thursday, November 20, 2008

So..Breakfast Club, Anyone?

My SL schedule these last few weeks has been somewhat of a rival to my RL schedule - leaving me either working or in perpetual afkness. So, as always, my non-afk time is spent with those I'm closest to in SL. Mr. Moo always being my #1. So I hit a few clubs, make my "rounds" (as Parker refers to it) and I vanish into the darkness of SL. Whether it's to hide at the house with Moo, or sit at Bistro with Kim, or hang with Bev in the moon..I'm rarely ever in the same place for too long if I'm not working.

So I happened to run into an old club acquaintence recently..who made mention of seeing one of us..but not knowing if she was seen..or if he even knew who she was. And did he remember her. Of course it's the infamous Crighton, who I think might know more than 2/3 of SL personally. And why wasn't I at the party..and yada yada. (FYI - we don't always attend the same functions - and if there's more than one going on at a time, we may split it up and some attend one and others attend the second one..)

And that, coupled with my recent comment about us being in a form of high school here, brought me to this post.

You see, I've come to realize that our little clique is intimidating.

Let's face it, we're a close group..and we have a ton of inside jokes..and we know each other pretty well - our RLs have melted into SL and we accept that as it is. We all make an effort to appear at each other's gigs..venues..parties..etc. We mass shop together, but we don't all look the same. It's a funny thing, our little family. Scary to outsiders.

I think we all have our own place in the group. We each bring something dynamic to the table, and without one person the group doesn't fit right. Moo brings his brand of humor and laid back attitude, BigD brings his witty sarcasm and chivalry, Parker brings her innocence and grace, Crighton brings his music encyclopedia and kindness, Kim brings her big wide (too wide sometimes) heart and damn genius, Bev brings her style and warmth, Mikki brings her naked ass (good lord), Busy brings her fierce strength and Ehric brings the wit (I'm getting typing lazy (just because I missed you doesn't mean you don't matter..just means it's past midnight and I'm slowing down..)

But at the end of the day, we aren't a clique of snobs. We're a family, and take care of each other like one, fight like one, love like one and we PARTY like one.

So yeah, we may be too busy to attend all at all venues and return all IMs/notecards instantly. But. We're still around to chit chat. We're still people. Say hello when you see us in the clubs or out shopping. Don't be scared. :) We're all regular avis too. Even our alts are nice and kind..and all hang out together..ROFL!

So, I'd like to know. Using the Breakfast Club setup..who do you break our little family down to be? Jock? Preppy snob? Nerd? Outsider? Rebel? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Now..some pictures!

And hey..our silence when you come into our presence? We're totally not IMing each other about you. ;-)

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Parker said...

Okay, I have dried my tears enough to type. Your words so sweet and endearing when talking about your framily (friends/family). But then again words and images so funny the tears came. I also think about your profile and the pick you added for all of us.

I think about what you were all willing to do to the men in my SLife for causing me unrest. Last night Ehric commented at Spankesgiving (which was absolutely wonderful)that y'all have been corrupting me. Perhaps to a degree, but I am not easily influenced. So, i know you have all gotten under my skin (in a good way). Yes your best friends will be in the cell next to you, except one.

I will be the one giving ideas and encouragement and then coming down to bail every last one of you out. Someone has to be able to post bail.

The Breakfast Club was a great movie and yes I remember when it came out. We are rather like that. No two alike, but yet all the same. Thank you for including me in this very entertaining, very warm and endearing group. I am so glad I walked into the Bee Hive that night to audition Crighton.