Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tagged Again!

Thanks, Kim. :)

So here goes…

1. My Favorite Saying? "If you think so". Because the supidity of some people can be unlimited. And why waste good energy on fighting a futile battle? One statement tells them A) I don't agree and B) They're being an ass. :)

2. What part of your personality do you wish not to pass on to your child? Good lord. How many can I list? My insomnia. My OCD. My curt behavior. ROFL. The list goes on and on.

3. While driving, what’s your biggest pet peeve? People that go slow in the fast lane. It's not called the KINDA fast lane. It's the fast lane, bitches! Get out of my way!

4. If you could change your name, what would it be? Laila. But I did convince my friend to name his daughter that. :) So..I'm saving future generations one name at a time.

5. What’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard? Ninja's killed my parents, and I need money to take Kung-Fu lessons to seek revenge. I kid you not. There's a homeless man on the streets of NYC with this sign. Cracks me up every time..and I give him money. GET THOSE NINJAS!

1. Borday
2. Parker
3. Mikki! (does Mikki have a blog? Anyone? Anyone?)


mikki said...

alright no I don't
#1.../me giggles...cause I do alot you bishes all make me laugh
#2...I don't wan't my kids to have my see last comment I left in BigD's blog
#3... no peevs while driving...unless I lose my radio station lol
#4...hmmm I like my name it suits me lol
#5... best excuse..the dingo ate my baby
and no tags sorry :)

Parker said...

Oy, I am behind. I closed out Parker's blog and kept the one open for Parky's Pub and started a new one to have as my public writing blog (I need a job, I need dollars - not Lindens). Didn't realize I was tagged ~ Again!

1. My favorite saying? Enjoy!!! enough said.

2. Child? Don't have any and can't have any. But I would love to pass on my sense of independence. Let them know that you can do what you want and you don't have to have someone else in order to do it.

3. Driving? My biggest pet peeve is people who break the law.

4. What is in a name? I am not happy with my RL name so I chose Parker as my SL name. I like that for me. If I could have a daughter, I would name her Shoshana.

5. I once had a guy to break up with me after hurting me and he finally said "I am an idiot and that has nothing to do with you. Then there was the woman I used to work with who would call in a few times a month saying she couldn't work due to having her menstrual. Reality was Macy's and/or Bloomingdale's was having a sale.

I figure everyone has been tagged by now.