Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, I'm really fucking tired. And this is such an un-me like post, you may want to skip it.

All of this time in SL and I've dabbled.

Played in clubs, in stores, in lots of things.

I've had my time in everything and found that..nothing really suits me well.

And I encourage everyone to find their own way..and their own niche.

And people do.

But I've got to say..

I miss my friends. I miss everyone now.

I miss having fun. I miss wandering..and doing stupid things.

I'm sick as fucking hell of clubs..of SL work..of everything. It's so much..that I despise all SL clubs. I show up to support my friends and the people that I love..but I really..truly..hate clubs.

And yes. I get that the lindens help the working in SL, and a lot of people do it for their LOVE of what they do.

But I'm just saying..

I'm tired of everyone being so busy and caught up in their own SL careers to remember what two years ago was like.

I got this great five person pose in the bunny hunt..

But I can't find five people that aren't working to join me.

So yeah, I feel mopey and bummed.

And it's nobody's problem but mine - and I am the one that said I was drifting away in my own way..

But that's it.

Just how I feel.

And I'm not ungrateful for the friends that find time to fit me into their busy schedule. I really appreciate it, and I love just being able to spend time with them.




Yordie Sands said...

I know how you feel Blissie... well, not that intensely becasue I had to stop getting so involved... one thing I have found that helps me through these kinds of feelings is to do new things... hell, I became a geisha apprentice! ...and lately, I've been so involved in my garden and really love that... and good sex with guys who can't pronounce your name is good (hehe, from some movie... don't remember). hugzzz, Yordie

Bliss said...


:) Thanks, Yordie.


mikki freschi said...

Blissie baby, I'll jump your bunny balls anyday...I'm never too busy for you ever.........
licks, slow, deep licks
afterall we met on a couch trying desperately to find a 10th hehe July 26th
mikki smiles

wtchy said...

i will sit on your balls!

Parker said...

Sign me up for those balls. I remember that couch well, Mikki. I try not to work to hard. heck, I try to have fun when I am working. I just don't come in too much other then to work as most of my friends are always busy and I try to work on my writing and getting it sold.

So bring on those balls.

Bliss said...

I love you guys..and your willingness to sit on my balls. :)