Friday, March 6, 2009

I Pose This Question..

Who goes to an SL club..

To pay someone..

To show them..their cartoon boobs?

I mean..

That's 100L or more wasted right there.

I could buy an outfit in some stores for that. you go to clubs and tip the dancers who say "208L more will get my top off!"? If so..why? What about THAT dancer is worth 208L? Go to a skin store and check out the boobs for free!

Like..I'll always tip my friends..the DJs, the hosts, etc.

But strippers humping a pole? I..don't think so. :)

:) The club ho..will forever boggle my mind.....



Yordie Sands said...

Just say, NO, to pole humpers! Hugzzz, Yordie.

wtchy said...

lol! as a former pole humper... NOT REALLY! ok, i have humped a pole or two but for fun. and i actually DID get tipped the last time i humped one at rolland rock. lmao. i sent it back and told the guy, i am just doing this for fun. AND the funny thing is i was FULLY CLOTHED and remained so.....

love the comment about the skin store! HOOO! let's go check out mens skins tonight bliss!

Crighton Johin said...

For 313L, I'll show you my man boobs, Blissie!!


I will.