Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So with Mr. Moo having vanished for two days..leaving me to my own devices..

I did a few things..

1. Went afk. A lot.
2. Tried to find decent hair with Bev..we may have come to the conclusion that bald is better than what's out there for sale. Yuck!
3. I went to Parker's poetry reading at her pub which was a lot of fun! :) I like trying new things..and this was totally worth it - if you can, you should go too!
4. I went to a party where a Linden said goodnight to me! (sweats) Thanks, Joonie!
5. I decorated the bakery for Easter - complete with an egg coloring kit put out!
6. I went to Busy's new gig at the After Hours Bar - check it out if you can.
7. I took some pictures.

:) All in all, I managed to keep myself out of trouble for two whole days - I'm quite proud of myself. I even finished Twilight last night.

So, this is another crap post. :) Just to amuse myself mostly. Here's a picture of me trying out for National Geographic.

No rare birds..were harmed in the making of this picture - spooked a little from my camera flash..but not harmed!




Parker said...

Blissie you never cease to put a smile on my face. Thank you for the plug. You can count on me to keep you out of trouble if you need the help. ;-)

wtchy said...

oooo you are becoming quite the sl photographer! love the pics! and the pics of you taking pics..... HOOO!

Bliss said...

I love you guys. :)