Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skinny Bitch..

So, if you've ever bought a crap book (like I have) because someone said.."you should try it, it's great", but it's really crap..

Then you know what I'm thinking today.

It's a crap book that, I think, plays more on body insecurities than anything.

Yes, it is honest - about food, alcohol, COFFEE, etc. Stuff we know, but really do ignore.

While it's sometimes funny (there's a whole section on diet soda that I wanted to die laughing over - if you drink it and love it, you may want to skip that part..)'s mostly nasty (most of the time they refer to the reader as a fatass, slob, etc.).

So if you've already got a really bad body image..skip it. Skip the WHOLE book. It'll put you into some kind of depression.

But if you're full of ego (like me!), and a knock down or two off of your high horse won't drive you nuts..try it.

At the end, I think..if you pull out 3/4 of the advice and use it, your lifestyle can change dramatically for the better. And sometimes we do need things a certain way to actually pay attention.

But the WHOLE book doesn't need this vicious tone - it's overkill.

The writers are super opinionated - tofu is NOT God's gift to humans - I don't care how many innocent cows I'll save. I'll never trade meat for tofu as long as I live..and no matter what they try to tell me about the innocent slaughter of animals. Not. Gonna. Happen.

But. Some of the advice IS sound and some things I already do (or have given up).'s a 50/50 on this book. Some good advice versus a nasty ass tone.

But what did I expect with something that has "bitch" in the title, eh?




wtchy said...

what we eat and believe about eating is as personal as our religion i think. i work hard at not putting crap in my body but i don't tell others what they should or shouldn't eat. but when i walk into the lunch room at work and someone is eating total crap they look at me like a doe caught in headlights and begin telling me they KNOW they shouldn't eat this and on and on. And i have said nothing and have not given them a look either. but they see how i eat and for some reason they feel guilty indulging around me. so i just tell them we ALL have to eat some "crap" once in a while or life would totally suck! and i agree about the tofu blissie. blechhhh! bring on the cows!

Parker said...

Great book review. I don't feel the need to buy the book. I learned everything I need to know from you.

Bliss said...

I think..a big part of eating healthy is giving up the eating out/pre-packaged foods.

Once you cook for control what's IN your food.

And that's a good place to start, eh?

Parker said...

One place most people pack in the unwanted everything is drinking cokes. A year ago I invested in my coke machine. While I prefer drinking plain carbonated water it has still paid off for me. I know the only thing in my coke is water.