Monday, March 30, 2009



Yesterday was a long day..

I was in a bad place too, I think. PMS anyone?

But nothing an ice cream cupcake from Cold Stone couldn't fix.

So I sit here..feet up on my desk staring out the window at the people across the street. They've had this happy birthday sign up for three weeks now. Wonder why..? the corner is the hair salon/spa on the fifth floor. Someone's getting a frizzy blow out. Ahahahah.

And there's someone standing at my office door waiting..

Patiently waiting for me to turn around..or for me to acknowledge them in some way.


Not gonna happen today.

I don't feel like it..

Lots of stuff swirling in my head now..

And the person at the door..whomever they are..isn't one of them.

I'll just keep facing the window and blog until they go away.

Any minute now.......



wtchy said...

OMG blissie i am laughing so hard right now!

now, PLEASSSSE turn around and acknowledge me!!!!!

Parker said...

That was so funny. Did you ever turn around to acknowledge them?

Tell me about Cold Stones. do I want to check it out when I venture up in a few weeks.

Bliss said...

No. I meant what I said..I wasn't turning around and they eventually went away.

Parker..Cold Stone? The..the ice cream specialty store?

OMG..PARKER! You must go.