Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taking Over NYC......

So..last night Bev and I took over the NYC sim.

So, I called her on my cell, told her I was going to meet for a field trip to Central Park.

I hopped on the train and rode up to her place.

But when we got uptown, it was so dusty! So we took out our brooms and tried to clean up. A cleaner New York is everyone's responsibility, you know.

We swept blocks and blocks, trying to clean up the mess the tourists made..

It was so much, we had to split up a few times to make things go faster.

After we were done, we went up to this great sushi restaurant - but it was deserted! I guess the chef called in sick. So I decided to slice and dice some stuff for Bev..

So we ate, and then headed out for a stroll. On the way, we met these two guys. They were really nice, and we both knew they were celebrities..but we couldn't remember who they were! So we smiled politely while they danced for us..

We were lucky enough to stumble upon St. Patrick's Cathedral..which was beautiful as always. We put in a good word for each other with the Big Guy..

Then we were HUNGRY again! So we hopped up on the snack stand and grabbed some grub. The poor teenage vendor was so floored by our beauty, he passed out behind the counter.

Then I piggybacked Bev through the park. It's a good workout for your abs and stuff..but it's hell on your knees! OMG! :) Love ya, Bev.

Mr. Moo made a brief cameo, showed us his longjohns and then poofed to bed. So Bev and I laid out on the raft in Central Park and relaxed for a while.

All in all, we had a great day in Manhattan. And I only had to tell Bev not to shout hello to strangers once. It IS New York, after all.

:) Of course we shopped to wrap our day up. I don't know if we left anything in the cute boutique..but hey - what are GNO's for?

Hope you had a good day too!



wtchy said...

I love your illustrated stories blissie! almost as much as i love hanging out with you :)

Parker said...

You two are an amazing pair. Pity you didn't get a shot of Borday in his longjohns.

Do you recommend a trip to this NYC before I go to the RL NYC? Looks like fun and I would love to explore Central Park.