Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Guide 3!

Back!  Here we go!  Now for some fun with sparkles and baubles!

Inspired by a popular British tradition, Jouer introduces our version of a holiday cracker with Sparkle & Pop. This festive goodie is dressed in a beautiful pale pink box with sparkling gold confetti and a chic gift-tag for personalization. Jouer's Sparkle & Pop makes the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday party favor containing five fun surprises including a special Jouer treat. Pop, open and enjoy!
Party Horn
Chic Cocktail Ring (*varying styles)
Beauty Fortune (*varying messages)
Mini Champagne Bubbles
One of three Jouer Deluxe Samples:
Body Butter (0.21 oz.), Essential Lip Enhancer (0.07 fl. oz.), Glisten Moisturizing Lip Gloss (0.06 fl. oz.)

Grab it at Jouer.

I love BaubleBar.  Like..LOVE.  Seriously, truly, madly LOVE these ladies.  I've even been to The Bar, the newly opened BaubleBar store in New York City.  The baubles, the staff, the amazing.  BaubleBar is doing a collaboration with Essie.  You get to pick a nail polish, and match it with three bracelets you love.  They all come together in one sweet little clutch.  Believe me, it's so fantastic - I bought two.  :)  BaubleBar sells SO many amazing things - you won't regret clicking this link to BaubleBar.

The last time I went to Boston, I fell into this amazing store, 1154 LILL Studio.  The concept of designing your own handbag is mind blowing.  You get to feel and see the fabric of the inside of your handbag (purse, clutch, makeup bag, etc.) and then pick the fabric on the outside.  It's so much fun and an amazingly personalized gift to give someone without being cheesy.  They've got several stores, but you can order online as well.  Just click here.

Best stocking stuffer EVER.  Mindy Kaling is hilarious and downright brilliant in this book.  I swear to you, it's like she stole almost every thought out of my head and published it.  Give one to every girlfriend -they will thank you.  Grab it at your local Barnes & Noble.

That's all for now.  :)  Enjoy.


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