Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gifting Guide 2

Aaaaand..we're back!

Obey cosmic skull baseball tee.  Come on.  I love Shepard Fairey.  LOVE.  Don't know what Obey is about?  Click here to educate yourself about Obey.  And then shop for the tee on the official Obey site,

100% Gumdrop Jewelry for the smartypants girl.  Come on.  We all own the super expensive customized nameplate necklace (thanks, Carrie).  But here's an affordable stocking stuffer version for everyone in your life.  Available with a lot of different words - and so cute!  Grab yours at Gumdrop.

If you really love someone, you WILL gift them with Jeni's splendid ice cream.  Believe me, they will instantly love you back.  The salty caramel is to DIE for.  Ship them off to your loved ones from Jeni's website.

Okay.  That's all for now loves.  :)

More to come.


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