Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Ayn and Hart

So you all know about my dad and how hard things have been and yada yada.

But what I rarely get to do, is to thank the people that have genuinely made things easier and calmed the crazy around me.

Two such people in my life are Ayn Tomsen and Hartigan Beck.  Or, as I say, Ayn and Hart. 

They've been my friends for the last five years (FIVE!) since we all met at ROB's.  Club openings, closings, the usual SL comings and goings..and we always stayed in touch.  They've gone through make-ups and break-ups with me; and they're always happy to let me loaf around while they build or shoot or just hang out on their dock and chat. 

When my dad got sick in 2009, they both made it a point to reach out to me as often as possible to see how I was and how my dad was doing.  They never want anything, or ask for anything.  There's never any drama or exhausting gossiping.  Just two genuinely nice people who care.   

I couldn't ask for two better friends.  I am incredibly thankful to have them in my life all of these years later.

Thank you guys!


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