Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Happy Strolling with Fate Today..

Fate is like gravity. You can jump up and down until your heart’s content, but the earth still falls into the sun, and the sun still courses through the galaxy, both indifferent to your short-lived and insignificant defiance.

So, I got to thinking about fate lately.

About the way things have worked out in this crazy SWorld.

This year in SL hasn’t been a 100% smooth ride – I can assure you of that. There have been snags, and drama and bumps (bumps galore). But it’s been one hell of a ride regardless.

But I the end..the bumps made the ride better. Not at the time, I mean. But now.

The bumps showed you what was what and who was really..real.

And through the bumps and the snags and the drama..things worked out.

Not everything. Not 100% with a perfect TV ending.

But most things. The good things came through.

So I started thinking about my original Spank Pack. Borday, Kim, BigD, Kaarl and Ehric. The original six troublemakers that prowled Second Life in a pack – yes, like wolves. ROFL! What started out as just..hanging out in One World, quickly turned into exploring..and shopping and learning together.

We went though birthdays, holidays, rezz days, break-ups, make-ups and everything in between. We survived club openings and closings. We discovered land ownership, building, rezzing, prim limitations and sex beds.

We each found our place in the clubs – be it by a DJs side, at the turntable, on the stage or just on the dance floor.

Outside of the club, things changed for each of us. We adopted new friends, new hangouts and pursued new opportunities.

Yet, at the end of the day, we always found our way back home to each other. And home? Well home is where we all find ourselves at the same time; be it a club, an island, a coffee shop or a sim we invaded.

But what if that first event had never happened?

What if I’d never walked into ROB’s?

Furthermore, what if I never met ANY of the spankers? What if Crighton hadn’t spoken to Gal who set him up at ROBs? Where would we have heard that first spank? Without the spank..would there be Spankers? What if..I’d never met Kim? Who would be my partner in crime? What if I’d never met BigD? Who would have danced with me at OW? What if I’d never been introduced to Kaarl? Who would have been my bodyguard? And if I’d never wandered into Barefoot Beach, where would the Blissie Cave be now? What if I’d never bought that pillow that started the first pillow fight with Ehric? And most importantly, what if I never met Moo? What if I had never put on that one particular dress on the dancefloor at One World..and Kim announced us married? Who would be my SL best friend?

Every little moment in SL..has lead to a bigger moment. Every time someone (KIM) said “Hey, want to come to this club?”, it turned into something that changed my SLife. Whether it was meeting someone new, or discovering something different..or learning a new trick to getting SL to cooperate – something always came out of everything we’ve done.

So..maybe..what I’m trying to say (now that I’ve been typing this for two days and I’m tired of looking at it), is that no matter what SL has handed us..we’ve worked with it. Found a way to joke through things, hoo it up and spank our way into a better place. We, as a group, have grown. Taking on people who fit into our happy little family with their great attitudes, their charm and their sense of humor. Too many to list now.

I do believe that fate brought the Spankers to me. I do believe that no matter how far we travel from each other in this crazy sworld, we’ll always find our way home – even if it’s for a brief moment. And the bumps we experience on the way..make us that much better. Teaches us that much more about ourselves and others.

And I’ve extended this offer before, but here it is again:

I’ll slide over. You’re always welcome to hop into the Spankmobile and take this crazy ride with me. With all of us. Drop me an IM in-world. I’ll have BigD pick you up at the Short Bus bus stop. ;-)

Until next time,


Kimala said...

/me pounces on Blissie and gives her a BIG hug and a kiss! (and a series of spanks for good measure). I'm so glad fate brought us all together :)

Hey... I got a new club for you to try out (heehee - jk).

Thank you Bliss! For being on this wild SL ride with me :)

bigd Flanagan said...

I've enjoyed having you for a dance partner too Bliss:) Your perfume still intoxicates me. I'm always willing to fire up the short bus and gather people. You do have an extra set of keys though don't you? I seem to have lost mine. Dammit!

Honestly, I've loved getting to know you. You are a very special person with an insane amount of talents. Reminds me of a blonde I know. Thanks for everything this past year. Love you.

Crighton Johin said...

I've been thinking alot like this too. I remember when I first started at ROB's and meeting the two other new DJ's, Borday and OneSummer. I remember hearing Borday's on air voice thinking, "I cant' compete with that." I remember meeting Bliss, bigd and Kim and how fun you all were and how I was so glad to see you come back for my gigs. I remember being frustrating about never being able to figure out Pillow-Fighting, but knowing that I was the original Spanker. *grins*

Life is funny, how it takes you where you need to go, if I let it. Thanks Blissie, SL is better with you in it, too.

Bliss said...

:) I'm glad I have you wacko folks as my friends.

SL wouldn't be the same any other way.