Monday, December 1, 2008

Learning..One Step at a Time..

A funny thing happened this week.

I realized that I don't know how to stand on my own two feet in SL. Strange, isn't it? I'm a pretty self-reliant chick. I can handle things for myself. Or so I think?

I rented an apartment at Rolland Rock. Mostly I planned on using it as a place to rezz and open boxes. I had no intention of living there. Of making it a home.

My good friend (and neighbor) Bev came by and laid the smack down on me.

She gave me her nifty color changing furniture..some love and a whole lotta patience.

But I was still lazy. Still..unmotivated to do anything. But I did rezz a bed. A clean bed - no dirty jump on the bed.

Then today, Parker gave me a gift.

It was a Christmas radio. And it was the funniest thing, because my apartment had no sound.

So I took it home, unboxed it and put it on the floor. But that's rude. To Parker, I think. So I put it on my buffet. But I couldn't figure it out.

Secret? Moo always figured stuff out for me. Building, scripts, codes..all of that stuff.

So..I called Bev. And while I moped, she fixed it. And the craziest thing happened. I started feeling the music. I love Christmas music. It makes you all warm and happy..and that's maybe what I needed. Was to stop feeling sorry for myself.

So Bev went on her way, and I decided to make the apartment something. So I put out her furniture..and a whole bunch of little things I love. My wind chime, my pictures, my candles. Then I thought..what the heck? And I opened my Christmas folder and put out my Christmas tree.

And I changed 45 outfits.

And..the day didn't seem so very bad. And Moo logged on. And I got happy. I always get happy when he logs on.

And we talked. And I invited him over. And he came! I fought the urge to hog tie him and put him in my closet forever and ever. Mainly because..I don't know how to hog tie. It was nice. Short..but..nice. Just to have him back a little was good enough for me.

Since I quit my jobs, I don't have terribly much to do - which is great since I'm always afk so much. It's funny what happens when people break everyone takes it differently. How everyone treats you differently.

Kim, Aeryn, D and Parker, Busy and Ehric came by to see my apartment. Quiet even popped in too. It was nice. I put on a fashion show with Kim and D fed everyone lasagna.

The TV from the house? Moo gave it to me. So I put it out in my apartment. And yes, countess pics of us run by..and countless memories and funny moments and snuggly moments..and yes, it is horrible torture - but in the same token, the warmest reminders of some of the best times in SL.

Moo and I are friendly. And it'll take us time to ever get back close to where we were..but at the end of the day, he is very much a part of me. And I can't feel right without him.

But we have a date planned.

And that's a start.

Maybe some distance is good for us. Maybe after all of this time we needed it. He showed me his apartment. It's cute. We talked for a long time..said things that kinda needed to be said, and then I went home to my apartment where I shouted goodnight to Bev.

It's still all strange, but I'm slowly warming up to the idea of figuring out things for myself.

Andf it's late now. I'm going to sleep.

I love you guys for putting up with me these last few days. My non-IM returning, moping ass loves you very much. :)



bigd Flanagan said...

I'm a pretty observant guy, at least I think I am. I saw your ass dragging but never moping.

Breaking up sucks. But its a trade off to all the other good things. Relationships are relationships no matter what the world.

Love is good. Love is the answer. Everything will be fine.

Joonie Jatho said...

Love ya, Bliss. Enjoy the journey, wherever it takes ya! *hugs*

Yordie Sands said...

Hi Blissie... hugzzz

Kimala said...

Bliss - sadly you failed to mention the countless warddrobe malfunctions that happened during those successful 45 changes - that perhaps that is why we all stayed? Just kidding :)

Thanks for always being my favorite partner in crime. And... for getting a place so I can rez my sleeping bag and stay if necessary.

Love you Bliss!

Parker said...

Ms. Blissfulness, You have never been disrespectful to me. You put your stuff where you want it. Your friends don't care what the place looks like, they just like hanging out with you.

Perhaps some did remain for the wardrobe malfunctions. U stay for the friendship. You are a real sweetheart.