Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Must-Haves

So, I gave you gifting ideas.  Now, we need to talk about must-haves for your partying.

First!  No party is complete without a FANTASTIC bottle of champagne.  But here's the deal - it's kinda cool to give out individual mini-bottles of champagne.  You WILL be the hit of any party.  Enter the Nicolas Feuillatte mini-bottles.  They even come with a strap for your wrist so you don't LOSE it! 

A perfect holiday treat is always kind of hard to nail down.  Everyone loves cookies, but the whole chocolate chip cookie thing (while classic and delicious) is a little overdone.  Enter..the French Macaroon.  I grabbed a box in South Beach recently and completely fell in love with them AGAIN.  Colorful and different - they're eye catching to a guest or a hostess (who will love you for bringing these!).

GOOD FRIENDS!  Please.  Don't be the person that invites people to their party for popularity or to show off.  Invite your FRIENDS (not necessarily the people pictured below).  You should actually enjoy the company of those your with and not worry about them judging you or your party.

Last, but absolutely not least, if you're the hostess, you need to send your guests home with little goodie bags.  Whether it's filled with a cute scented candle, some holiday cookies or some gourmet chocolates, you cannot let your guests leave empty handed.  Presentation is everything!  Wrap it in a cute or catchy way and no matter what the gift is, everyone will love it and the effort you put into it.

Obviously there are more must-haves, but that's all for tonight.

:)  Sleep tight kids.  Six days to Christmas and counting!


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